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Our coffee story

Barista Redefined. We are a full-service wholesale coffee solutions provider, and believe in providing holistic solutions with a focus on technology for your establishments. Apart from the beans & training, we also carry a range of coffee machines, equipment and maintenance tools, with all the necessary technical support & expertise. We want you to focus on your core business while we provide you with superior support. Come visit us for a cup of coffee and discover with us what we can do for you.

At Caffeine Solutions, we apply a carefully considered approach to everything we do. Each location and client is unique and we customize our solutions to ensure a perfect fit. We are specialists with deep knowledge in all aspects of our products and constantly strive to improve and re-invent our ability to serve our clients better.

Our solutions rely on our extensive experience in not just coffee, but also from owning and operating hospitality brands. This broad experience base provides us with the ability to offer unique strategic and value-added solutions from a client’s point of view.

Our portfolio consists of roasted coffees from classic Italian espressos to single-estate hand-brewed coffees to suit any wholesale customer’s preferences.

We also carry a full range of equipment from fully automated, super high-speed coffee machines to traditional semi-automatic machines.

We are committed to helping our clients create amazing customer satisfaction by making sure your coffee tastes amazing. Come visit us for a cup of coffee and discover with us what we can do for you.


Meet The Team


Keith Loh

Keith Loh is an experienced hospitality entrepreneur and coffee professional with over 15 years of industry specific experience.

He began his entrepreneurial career in publishing before venturing into the hospitality industry with original F&B concepts throughout his career, including a specialty retail coffee brand. It was during this time that Keith discovered his lifelong passion for coffee and has since played a pivotal role in the Singapore’s burgeoning specialty coffee scene.

Keith also competed in coffee competitions to hone his skills. In 2010, Keith won the Singapore Barista Championship and represented Singapore at the world stage. Keith also holds other competition titles: (2010-National Pura Latte Art Championship & 2013- Singapore National Cup Tasters Champion). Keith is also an experienced coffee trainer and roaster, with many hours of practical experience.

In 2012 Keith stopped competing and began judging the national competitions from 2012 to present. He is well known as an active supporter and promoter of the Singapore coffee scene throughout the region.

At Caffeine Solutions, he helps corporate clients achieve their caffeinated beverage programs ranging from automated systems to manual barista stations.

Ben Fones

Ben Fones is a seasoned business operator and entrepreneur who’s launched and sold several technology startups over the past decade. He continues to invest and advise startups with a particular interest in product strategy and yes of course… Coffee.

Ben started his career consulting for IBM focusing on the Banking and Finance sector. He later cofounded Affle in 2006, an end-to-end Mobile Audience as a Service (MAAS) platform, which serves the needs of leading commerce marketplaces, app developers, marketers and publishers globally. Ben was responsible for managing and growing Affle’s regional business.

At Caffeine Solutions, he is the defacto CFO and general dogsbody. He has grown to love coffee thanks to Keith.

Mark Rozario

Having led the setup of a new division within Super Group with a focus on HORECA / OCS / Retail, he brings a wealth of experience and network to the team. At Caffeine Solutions, he is the group’s General Manager holding everything and everyone together.

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