SINCE 2017

Barista 2.0

At Caffeine Solutions, we apply a carefully considered approach to everything we do for our clients.

Our solutions stem from our extensive experience owning and operating our own hospitality brands. This broad experience allows us the ability to tailor-fit unique strategies and value-add solutions to any client’s requirements.

Our portfolio consists of a variety of roasted coffees to suit any wholesale customer’s preference, as well as a full range of equipment, from fully automated, super high-speed coffee machines to traditional semi-automatic machines.

Come visit us for a cup of coffee and discover what we can do for you!



Meet Our Founders:


The Future

We believe the future of coffee is entwined with advancements in technology and ever-evolving customer preferences.

At Caffeine Solutions, we believe in exploring new and innovative products that systematically support and improve your operation, keeping you ahead in this competitive industry.