Guerilla Coffee Press Release

Guerilla Coffee Press Release




New specialty coffee destination launches at Suntec City

24 November 2021 Singapore – Singapore’s latest specialty coffee destination, Guerilla Coffee, opens its first flagship cafe at Suntec City and welcomes guests to experience a space designed to create the conversations that will shape our future.

Conceptualised by the dynamic team behind Lola Group, which manages Caffeine Solutions, an industry leader for wholesale coffee solutions, Guerilla Coffee is Lola group’s latest brainchild and showcases their trademark innovation and expertise in coffee, design, and hospitality. 

Keith Loh, Chief Executive Officer at Lola Group, says: “At Guerilla Coffee, we believe that authentic relationships can build a brighter future, and we want to do this with one great cup of coffee at a time. We created this space for people to come together and share a laugh, a tear or just a listening ear. Our hope is that Guerilla Coffee is the place where ideas and conversations come to bloom and blossom”.


A breathing space for thoughts and ideas

We’ve put the craft of making great coffee front and center of this space.


With this design brief we worked with cutting edge design firm Avalon Collective to create a tactile and experiential space centred around the theatre of coffee making. Every detail was taken into consideration to make the coffee experience the stage. 


From every angle you can see the action in motion. Lighting is also a key feature with a large Barrisol membrane casting a wide expanse of soft glowing light that anchors the workspace akin to a stage performance.


The stadium seating is deliberately casual and free of barriers. This allows guests to arrange themselves according to the experience they want. From singles to groups this space is versatile, flexible and accommodating. With a clear line of sight, seated guests will always feel connected with the action occurring at the main stage.


The colour scheme is muted and reminiscent of nature’s natural tones. The walls are painted with a special paint that exhibits a natural grain while the timber seats and wooden wall panels are set in soothing leafy green.

The future of sustainability is in our hands

A key conversation that Guerilla Coffee stands for is sustainability. All our disposables are sourced sustainably and are compostable. We also believe in using this space to showcase other people who are committed to a sustainable future.

A key collaboration is the sourcing of our fresh, pesticide free mint which is proudly supplied by Comcrop, Singapore’s first Urban rooftop farm.


Peter Barber, CEO of Comcrop says: “We’re thrilled that Guerilla has partnered with Comcrop to create a drink (Iced Black Mint) that centres around our live mint. This shows that sustainability and quality can create unique and exciting new opportunities”

Furthermore, this fresh mint stays fresh in the modular growing system supplied by One Kind Block, a made-in-Singapore growing system designed to make cities fertile and sustainable. It’s also the world’s first LEGO-like hydroponic system designed by 18 year old Dylan Soh.

Innovation through technology

Guerilla Coffee also believes in creating quality through innovation. 

Helming the coffee station are two class-leading Slayer LPX espresso machines. Slayer is well known in the specialty coffee industry as one of the leaders in both design and technology. The Slayer LPX comes with industry leading technologies like precision multi-boilers, auto-purge functions, low-pressure pre-infusion and many more technologies designed to make better baristas even better.


To push the design envelope even further, we’ve collaborated with 3D MetalForge, Singapore’s leading additive manufacturing company to create a first-in-the-world 3D printed custom casing.


Matthew Waterhouse, Chief Executive Officer at 3D Metalforge, says: “It was exciting to work with another company focused on innovation and technology. This collaboration further validates our efforts to be a leader in cutting-edge product design.”


Design of the casing with it’s unique Guerilla Logo “Eye” was the result of a collaboration with design maestro Jonathan Nah, director of the cutting-edge design firm System Sovereign. 


Jonathan says: “Sharing a common vision is always a treat on every project we’ve ever done together. Customising the Slayer was definitely a highlight for me as we had to figure out how we can not only enhance the already iconic aesthetic of the machine, but also add out our GC touch to it while maintaining a visual balance with the space itself.


The beginning of the roasted coffee’s journey to the cup is anchored by a bank of elite performance espresso grinders by Mahlkonig, while baristas make effortless tamps with the Cinoart autotamp system. 


Helming the filter coffee station is Singapore’s first Tone 3 boilerless brewer.  The Tone 3 is the future of coffee brewing systems dedicated to automating the time consuming method of traditional hand-brewing. The boilerless design also consumes less energy while using only fresh filtered water for every brew.

Guerilla Coffee will also be launching the Latte Art Factory, Singapore’s first barista approved, fully-automated milk steaming and frothing system. With milk frothing and steaming fully automated, baristas can now prepare each drink faster and have more time to make real connections with each guest.

Hospitality is in our blood

Keith Loh is an experienced hospitality entrepreneur and coffee professional with over 15 years of industry specific experience. He is the 2010 Singapore National Barista Champion and the 2013 Singapore National Cup Tasters Champion.

Together with a team of dedicated coffee professionals, they have curated a hospitality experience based around specialty coffee sourced from all around the world.


Guerilla Coffee features a main menu of classic espresso based beverages designed to cater to the diverse palettes of coffee lovers. To fully savour the dominant taste of their coffees, all servings will contain double shots of espresso.

Guests will be spoilt for choice as they can choose between the rich and nutty Guerilla No.2 or the floral and sweet Guerilla No.1. For the more adventurous there will also be a seasonal single origin espresso (Add $1) on offer.

At launch, our seasonal single origin espresso hails from Mount Sinabung, Indonesia. The region is known for its rich volcanic soil which helps add to the quality coffee being produced there. This seasonal blend has notes of cherries and chocolate as well as being full bodied with a medium acidity.

For daily regulars we have the classic Cappuccino ($6/ 8oz) and Cafe Latte ($6/ 8oz).  For those who prefer their coffee without milk we have the Americano ($5 per 8oz serving) or pair any espresso beverage with our non-dairy option (Minor figures oat milk-add $1 per serving).

A big must try will be our iced coffees which range from the classics like the Iced Latte ($7/ 12oz) and our iced mint mocha ($8.2/ 12oz). 

But the stars of the shows will be our signature drinks like the Iced Black Mint ($7/ 12oz), a double shot of our Guerilla No.2 espresso enhanced with fresh mint grown by Comcrop, Singapore’s first rooftop urban farm.

Find comfort in Home, an espresso-based signature drink named in homage to Singapore’s de-facto national song.

Home is made with a double ristretto shot of Guerilla No.2 paired with a hint of condensed milk, pepper and salt.

We’re hoping that this re-imagined local classic kopi will become a global classic and put a little bit of Singapore in cafe’s all around the world.

Come down to Guerilla coffee @sunteccity and try it for yourself.

Co-star to the coffee menu will be an equally original list of espresso based signature drinks, delicious affogatos and quality pastries.

For those with more time, the slow coffee bar will feature a seasonal menu of filter-brewed coffee for you to enjoy and savour.

Fact Sheet – Guerilla Coffee


3 Temasek Boulevard #01-506/507 Suntec City Mall

Singapore 038983


+65 69806345





Opening date

1st November 2021

Seating Capacity


Operating Hours

Monday-Friday, 8:30am – 7pm (subject to change)

Saturday-Sunday, 930am – 7pm (subject to change)


  • Register with us and get $1 off your next purchase
  • Loyalty punch card, Buy 5 coffee and get the 6th cup free 

Payment Method 

Cashless, Visa, Master, Paynow, Paylah

How Can Technology Help Improve Efficiency

How Can Technology Help Improve Efficiency

Can technology increase efficiency and help my cafe kick-ass?

If your answer is “NO”, then please wait for our upcoming article called “Should I open a cafe?”.

If your answer is “yes” or “I’m not sure”, then this article is for you.

Jokes aside, even if your answer is “NO”, you’re still gonna want to read this.


The Problem 

The biggest problem cafes face are profitability, labour shortages, and staff retention. We know this because we hear this from all our customers.

But a kick-ass customer experience should be the number one goal of any cafe as it is the key to any successful cafe. If you can achieve this goal, your customers will keep coming back.

Caffeine Solutions focuses on helping cafes find their kick-ass customer experience. Profitability is what happens when we get it right!


Slow coffee kills

A customer’s time is their most precious resource- especially during peak hours.  Any time saved from making a cup of coffee can save precious seconds for your busy customers.

When you have 100 customers ordering coffee at 10am, that’s when the real problems begin.  A bad workflow can result in long wait times, wrong orders, and worst of all missed orders.

Angry, unhappy customers are the worst thing that can happen to a cafe. They stress everyone out and chances are, they won’t come back and/or they’ll tell their friends not to visit the cafe at all.

But if your machine can make 200 drinks at one go, you’ll have both happy customers AND they’ll introduce the cafe to their friends as well.

With maximum efficiency and time saved, baristas can also focus on the customer experience or upsell products to improve sales.


Consistency is key

Customers expect every cup of coffee to taste the same. However, this is seldom the case. In fact, many cafes struggle with consistency.

Customers do not see the struggles that cafes face and honestly, they don’t really care either. Sometimes cafes may have to deal with staff who are exhausted after making the 100th drink of the day or they may have to make do with untrained baristas. Sometimes their staff don’t show up at all!

At Caffeine Solutions, we know how to make every cup taste the same.

  • Reduce labour cost and improve staff retention
    Not every cafe can afford a crack team of trained baristas.
    For those who can, finding and sustaining this team could be an issue.
  • Technology can help baristas do more with less
    Technology can help barista automate many repetitive tasks. This improves morale, boosts efficiency and allows them to focus on other essential tasks without worry.


What we do

We carry have a range of technology that can help cafes perform faster, better and with efficiency. Here are some examples of technology that has worked for our customers:

Turbosteam (By La Cimabli) is an automated steam wand. Add milk and push a button for handsfree steamed milk that’s good enough for the best latte artists.

Improves consistency, efficiency and speed while reducing training time.

Turbomilk (By La Cimbali) dispenses hot and cold milk foam from the fridge directly to the cup. This improves efficiency, especially for iced milk drinks.

Grind By Weight (by Mahlkonig) is the gold standard of baristas. This latest model has a precision grind-by-weight system that provides consistency and speed. Cafes can now reduce the time spent making each cup of coffee.

Autotamping The Elective AT is La Cimbali’s flagship performance workhorse espresso grinder. The AT model has a built-in tamper that improves consistency in the tamping process.

Cloud-based work order management and history

At Caffeine Solutions, all our work goes through a cloud-based system to ensure quality technical support. Our app-based system helps us be experts at fixing things fast so that your barista can start making coffee.


Come chat with us

We have many ways to help our customers thrive even in these challenging times. Our technology can play a key role in improving the customer experience.

Every solution is unique. Come have a chat with us to find out what yours is.

Let’s face the future together!


Can I afford that Espresso Machine?

Can I afford that Espresso Machine?


So you’re thinking about starting a cafe.

You: I need a coffee machine.

Your brain:

  • How does it look against my decor?

  • How big a machine do I need?

  • How much space do I need?

  • How will I ensure the best possible quality and consistency?

Espresso machines are expensive, some can cost S$25,000 and up! That’s crazy! Or is it? Who knows?

If those are the questions swirling around in your mind then this article is for you!

Easy coffee mathematics

Let’s assume your name is Heng Sway Keat. You are opening a cafe in the East Coast. The cafe is called An East Coast Plan.

So you will need an east coast plan.

HSK: Hi John.

CS: How many cups a day will AN EAST COAST PLAN be serving?

HSK: 30 cups a day for XX days

CS: Average selling price?

HSK: Five bucks.

CS: OK HSK, it will take 8 months to pay off your $25K coffee machine

HSK: But how?

CS: Because coffee machines are INVESTMENTS, not an expense!

CS: *mic drop*

(For a more in depth explanation, please read the TLDR section below)

There’s a reason why the best cafes invest heavily on quality equipment.

It’s because they see it as great investments!

Not only that, there are a few other BIG reasons to choose a high performance espresso machine.

Size does matter.

A budget setup will not grow with you if more customers show up..

Customers hate long waiting times so the number of customers you have during your busiest timing should determine your equipment size.

Focus on saving time AND money

Look at Turbosteam, our automated milk steamer. It will force your barista to stop frothing milk and start serving your customers and upselling. This also saves tons of milk in the process.

And oh yeah, it cuts training time by half.

More boilers are better

Get a multi-boiler system like the m100 or the slayer LPX. They are the super stable workhorses that operate at the highest performance standards. Top tier espresso machines don’t just work faster, they also have the tech to produce better coffee than budget models.

Looks Matter

Your coffee machine is the centerpiece. Make sure it looks the part. Turning heads and drawing your customers in is half the battle won.

Work with experts

At Caffeine Solutions, we first listen to understand. Then we will help you choose the best solution.

Once you come on-board with us, our quality assurance and support team will be with you side by side.

Let us help you keep your customers coming back.



If one cup of coffee costs about $1.20 and your average selling price is $5, then your gross profit will be $3.80 per cup.

We take gross profit for several reasons, as everyone might have a slightly different expense profile. Many cafes are doing well with their other non-coffee items. So gross profit can be seen as almost pure net profit. 

So let’s just say how many cups will it take you to make $1,000 in gross profit? 

1,000 / 3.80 = 263 cups

For a cafe or bakery that can serve 30cups a day or ($114), here is the payback in number of days:

For a $6,000 espresso machine system (Grinder + Espresso Machine)

Payback is $6,000 / $114 = 52 days

For a $10,000 espresso machine system (Grinder + Espresso Machine)

Payback is $10,000 / $114 = 87.7 days

For a $15,000 espresso machine system (Grinder + Espresso Machine) 

Payback is $15,000 / $114 = 131.6 days

For a $25,000 espresso machine system (Grinder + Espresso Machine)

Payback is $25,000 / $114 =219 days


Espresso Machine + Coffee Grinder GSS Promo

Limited time only, valid till 30/10/2020*

Terms and Conditions Apply*

How do I get more customers through coffee?

How do I get more customers through coffee?

What’s wrong with my coffee?

Has your favourite cafe ever served you bad coffee and you never went back?

The sad truth is that many customers never complain and never return. This is one of the most dangerous things your cafe can experience. The loss of a silent, unhappy customer.

AND you will never find out.

The only way to overcome this is to make sure you have a good team and a good plan to make every cup of coffee great.

Given a choice, customers will choose a better-tasting coffee. So if your customers are thinking: ” well at least it’s black”, or “it tastes kinda like coffee”. Then they might never come back when a better option appears around the corner.

Running a cafe is already tough enough. You have to make life easier for yourself by making sure a good quality control process is in place.  

But making amazing coffee doesn’t need to be so hard. You don’t need a master barista behind the machine. Neither can most afford it! With a proper workflow and routine in place, you can make consistently great coffee, one cup at a time.

And keep your customers coming back!

1. QA or not to QA?

What do the best Chefs, Bartenders and Baristas in the world have in common?

They have a recipe for success! 

There are many important parts to creating the right recipe. 

Take DOSE for example. It is so important to have a simple, clear and repeatable process. Small changes in coffee dosage can make big changes to taste.

To find the right dose, our QA team will zoom in on questions like:

  1. Basket Size
  2. Coffee solubility
  3. Style and structure of the target flavours
  4. Whether  your coffee equipment can handle it
  5. Whether your barista can repeat it

The good news is that we are pros at this so let our QA team help.

2. I want my coffee machine to stay healthy and live forever.

Most baristas think that their coffee machine is immortal. Everyday they turn it on, beat the S*!$ out of it, turn off, repeat. Espresso machines never complain- until they do.

The truth is that there is a war happening inside your coffee machine. Hot steam, oily espresso and constant pounding attack every part of the machine. Delicate electronics, valves and sensors do not have a chance. Sooner or later the complaints will come. Rust, scale & worn out parts will start to make your machine stutter and spurt.

We always see coffee machines dying at the busiest times. Nobody needs angry customers while you have no coffee to sell. Service your coffee equipment at least once every 3 months. EVEN if there are no problems. This is the only way your coffee machines can stay healthy and live long (read: Cheaper to maintain!)



What happens during these Preventive Maintenance Compliance (PMC) and Quality Assurance (QA) visits?

Our crack team of skilled technicians team will come and conduct:

  • Initial Inspection
  • General cleaning
  • Initial diagnosis
  • Recommend required parts replacement caused by wear and tear
  • Recommend correct PMC frequency based on your volume and needs
  • Workflow and Calibration Diagnosis
  • Recommend and conduct basic calibration
  • Free calibration and diagnosis report

What’s more, our team will come by monthly to ensure that your coffee tastes best. You can also call us anytime on our hotline to troubleshoot any of your coffee and machine concerns.

What it boils down to (pun intended), is that prevention is better than cure. 

Your customer deserves the same great cup everyday.




Trade In, Leasing & Used Machine Program

Trade In, Leasing & Used Machine Program

Owning new or used Coffee machine has never been easier. All used machines undergo extensive and thorough inspections before they are placed on sale.

Buy with confidence with a one year warranty on any used machine purchased from us.

Trade-In Program

Have an old machine and thinking of upgrading? This program may be perfect for you. Don’t let the value of your old machine go to waste. We will be able to offer the best solution to trade up to the perfect machine for your needs.

Don’t hesitate to chat with us to see how we can help!

Caffeine Solutions- FAEMA E71 A/2

Used Machines

Currently Available:

  • 2 year old FAEMA E71 A/2 (with Turbosteam) – Current model
  • Full service history available
  • Comes with 1 year warranty

Price: $10,990 (Over 50% savings over brand new)

* Please enquire for full list of used semi and/or fully automatic machines as availability is fluid.

Leasing Program

Owning a new Coffee machine has never been easier. With our Easy Finance Program, you will be able to experience the best technology we have to offer. Stand out from the crowd in an effortless manner. 

From just $199* per month, CS Easy Finance offers you a flexible payment plan to start brewing coffee the best way possible. With more financial freedom , you can be sure you are always on top of things.