Technology & Us

Technology & Us

Since our inception, we have always believed in using technology to enhance our productivity. However, as with life, our workload increased too quickly and we’ve never really been able to get ahead of the curve to fully harness the power that technology had to offer.

With the outbreak of COvid-19 and CB measures in place, we were fortunate to have been classified an essential service but as you can imagine with much less work in the pipeline. We took that opportunity to focus our energies to establish SOPs and vastly improve our productivity, quality and consistency. This ensures our app enabled technicians are always on the move and always connected.

We are excited to share with our customers some very important advantages to our fully digital platform dedicated to creating industry leading technical support services.

  1. Cloud-based work order management and history
  2. Improved response time
  3. Reduce unexpected repair costs and expensive machine downtime.
  4. Monthly reports for Customers
  5. Purchase our reconditioned machines with confidence

Cloud-based work order management and history

All  our customers’ work histories are computerised and logged. We have detailed work orders detailing every step of work done to maintain your equipment, regardless of who attends to your call.

Improved response time

By moving away from time consuming paperwork done on-site, our support technicians can now work faster and focus completely on the job at hand. With a mobile app based system, our support technicians can work on the go and reduce journey time between jobs. Maintenance software also provides maintenance technicians with details about the procedures, parts, and tools necessary to perform a job, so they can work without delay or interruption and increase the rate of solving critical issues on the first visit.

Reduce unexpected repair costs and expensive machine downtime.

For our preventive maintenance customers, our system now automates the scheduling of preventive maintenance calls, and ensures our support staff follow a strict checklist to reduce unexpected and costly unscheduled repairs and downtime. This is a key advantage for our existing customers as downtime is costly as when you factor in brand and reputation damage, as well as loss of revenue usually during peak operational hours.

Monthly reports for Customers

Monthly reports can now be generated at the touch of a button and our team can work with client’s and develop the best strategy for your coffee solutions with real, timely and actionable data.

Purchase our reconditioned machines with confidence

Our reconditioned machines will come complete with a detailed refurbishment history work history 

Customer satisfaction survey after each servicing

Our support teams are not only focused on fixing machines, they are also focused on building long term relationships with our clients. After every support visit, we will ask for your feedback so that we are constantly striving to improve our services.  Don’t just listen to what we have to say, here is a recent selection from our ongoing feedback survey.

 Contact us now for a free consultation and switching from reactive to proactive maintenance for all your coffee equipment.

“Sorry No Coffee Today”: Ensuring Coffee Sales Through Preventive Maintenance

“Sorry No Coffee Today”: Ensuring Coffee Sales Through Preventive Maintenance

Espresso machine Maintenance: Preventive Vs. Ad Hoc

SO…you’ve invested money, time and effort into your coffee programme. The centerpiece of which is the coffee machine. It’s the lifeblood of your organisation. For a cafe a beautiful coffee machine is the main attraction. For your office it’s where office morale is won or lost.

A coffee machine is a highly complex system that has heat, water, coffee oils, milk and electronics all tightly jammed into a little sealed box. It’s a perfect recipe for intense wear and tear unless you take regular preventive care to ensure its smooth running.

Murphy’s law is an adage that is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. In the case of espresso machines you can go ahead and add “…at the wrong time.” to the law. More often than not a coffee machine tends to break down at its highest load setting. This means that most of the fault calls that our technical teams attend to are usually during peak hours.  With the machine down and not performing optimally, our client’s often face the gamut of upset customers to lost sales.

To better understand the importance of regular equipment upkeep we have to see where the common culprits are that that wear down your beloved coffee machine:

Scale, scale everywhere

Every coffee machine has one primary component. A boiler that heats up the incoming water supply for either brewing or steaming milk. Compounded by high heat and high pressure, the water precipitates primarily calcium and magnesium onto the inner surfaces of the boiler and related piping systems. Fluid flow becomes inconsistent if not blocked. Valves and sensors will start to get fouled by scale build up. Imagine cholesterol blocking your arteries and stopping blood from flowing. That’s about what scale does to a coffee machine.

Coffee residue build up

The more coffee you make the more coffee residue, primarily oils, will build up and can either choke the brewing pathways, cause uneven extraction or alter the flavours of your coffee but not in a good way.


A humid, steam-filled environment full of metal parts is a perfect place for rust to form and oxidise. Over time, rubber gaskets and seals will eventually wear down and release what they were designed to contain (water, steam), causing rust and water damage that , if not detected early can cause irreparable damage to your coffee machine.


Sensitive electronic parts have predetermined life spans that will only reduce if proper care is not taken. If any leaks or worn parts in the machine result in steam, heat or electrical loading to come into contact with the “brains” of the system, the coffee machine more often than not will come to a standstill. Similarly mechanical parts are most prone to wear and tear but the good news is primary mechanical parts ike buttons and valves are easy to diagnose and spot during preventive maintenance checks.

Grinder systems

Often overlooked but equally critical to maintain are grinders. WIth all the coffee brewed going through them, the grinder is the first point of wear for any coffee programme. Dirty hoppers, a build up of old coffee grounds can all contribute to fouling the quality of your freshly ground coffee. Old grounds can also cake up and increase the friction load on the grinder blades and motors, causing premature wear and overheating of the coffee grounds. Dull blades are also a significant culprit in ensuring early demise of an overworked and overheated motor in the grinder.

At Caffeine Solutions we always believe that prevention will always be better than a cure. Preventive Maintenance is a series of scheduled service calls that maintain the overall lifespan of the coffee system and reduces the total cost of ownership. Scheduled PM’s also allow the machine to be operational during peak hours and maintained during off-peak periods.   

We also believe in technology and innovation to improve the operational efficiency, life-cycle and cost of ownership for the equipment we maintain.  Our cloud-based work management system logs all PM cycles with clients and we track the health of their machines throughout it’s lifetime. Our PM checklist, depending on the size and type of coffee machine used, follows a 21-37 point checklist. This checklist covers all essential systems inclusive of calibration and communication and training to all stakeholders involved.

More frequently so, our clients are now implementing IOT enabled coffee machines that can send data to our preventive maintenance team to monitor. This reduces user error, allows accurate diagnostics off site and even helps us work with our clients on enforcing proper usage and maintenance. In 2020, integrating cloud based IOT management of our client’s equipment will be one of our main strategies to further enhance our service level to our clients.

What it comes down to? Prevention is better than cure.

Do Your Customers Care Who Steamed The Milk? Handmade vs Turbosteam

Do Your Customers Care Who Steamed The Milk? Handmade vs Turbosteam

Handmade or Machine Made: Which is better and for who?

Can you guess if these latte art patterns were handmade or machine made?

If you answered yes to either then you’re both right. These are the winning latte art patterns at our inaugural Barista Redefined Challenge 2019, which pitted SIngapore’s top latte artists at each other with a twist. All the milk steaming was accomplished by La Cimbali’s patented Turbosteam system. All that the competitor’s had to do was to take the perfectly steamed milk and pour the latte art pattern of their choice.

With the BRC, we’ve set out to prove that technology has finally caught up with Baristas. with steam wand technology that’s now capable of producing the beautifully steamed milk for showcasing all the talent a baristas needs to showcase their latte art pouring skills.

In the beginning…

I’ve often been asked about how to go about learning the art of latte art and my answer usually start with a cheeky answer :” First you need to set aside milk from two cow’s worth milk….”.

In reality when I first started it did take me around two months of training, and most probably with milk produced from two cows over that time, to get a decent grasp of the skills needed to achieve the correct texture , temperature and pouring skills to produce a decent cappuccino and latte for our customers.

This also means for two months some customers were definitely getting some interesting versions of their cappuccinos.

Problems with technology

In the field of espresso machine brewing technology so much innovation has been achieved. However all the innovations have largely been about how to brew a better cup of espresso.

Conversely, the essential core process of how milk is steamed and textured for preparation into milk based beverages, has not changed since the steam wand was invented. 

The entire process is time consuming and skill intensive. Requiring a highly skilled barista to execute in daily repetition. The irony of asking a highly trained Barista to executive an essentially repetitive task represents a profligate waste of talent.

Bottleneck station

Most cafes or baristas seldom talk about speed but how long you wait in line is one of the biggest issues in busy cafes today. In a busy cafe setting, the single bottleneck of any stack of coffee orders will always be the time it takes to steam milk. Speed & Consistency are important factors in perceived overall customer experience. Since Milk prep is a main component in bottlenecking the speed of service our customers, most often the only solution for most cafes is to put more people to steam the milk.

Of course this is not a good option because:

  1. The barista is 100% occupied (limited customer service)
  2. $$ Training time & resources
  3. Adding more staff during peak periods will cause over staffing during low periods
  4. Risk of consistency and quality rises

Turbosteam technology

At Caffeine Solutions, our partner for espresso machines, Gruppo Cimbali, share our similar vision of using technology to enable our clients to do better and more at the same time. Enter their TurbosteamⓅ system, a patented device that enables users to froth milk automatically, at a constant temperature and to an optimum quality level, achieving the standards of a professional barista. The result is a consistent, creamy foam.


With the Turbosteam technology, milk can be frothed automatically to the standard of a professional barista. Milk quality, quantity and temperature can be kept constant; while the wand is doing its job automatically, the barista has his or her hands free to do other things, considerably saving time and speeding up service. The Turbosteam wand is also easy to maintain – the end section of the Turbosteam wand can be changed without the help of a technician. With a quick twist the wand can easily be dismantled for cleaning and servicing. The Turbosteam technology is very versatile and can be programmed to handle small and big milk jugs alike. Even small amounts of milk can be frothed to drastically reduce milk waste.

Many of our customers use La Cimbali’s patented milk steaming technology and have eliminated this issue to a large degree. Using Turbosteam has proven itself to save a large portion of the steaming time taken taken and free the barista to either do more ancillary work OR spend the time making a connection with the customer (Hint: increased sales/).

Using an automated system also eliminates the time needed to train a barista the skills needed. In some busy instances even a floor staff can jump in and assist, with little or no training at all.

Bah Barista! Skeptics Galore

All of the 30+ baristas at the BRC 2019 were skeptical at first, but as you can see from the results they have managed to pull off some of their best work. As expected at the start of pratice there was a healthy dose of initial skepticism and resistance. Many came into the practice sessions with the only perspective they had, which was oldskool hand skills were still superior to any form of automated milk steaming technology.

However, with a little bit of practice many of the Baristas soon managed to produce milkfoam and latte art of the quality they expected from a traditional steam wand.

”Barista grade technology has reached the milk texturing systems, we need to overcome the mis-conception that handmade is always better. To me the concept of “better” is always about better products AND a better customer experience. Technology should enable us to focus on making real human connections, at the end of the day it’s the most valuable aspect of any brand”- Keith Loh

“I think the Turbosteam is an awesome technology to assist baristas in training and operation. It allows baristas to understand how silky milk is formed and increases the pace of operation as it is fully hands-free.” – Jervis Tan, Singapore National Latte Art Champion 2019

“ At first I was a bit sceptical because I was so used to steaming my own …But after adjusting for a while it (Turbosteam) could actually foam a very consistent and silky textured milk. 

Turbosteam I feel will allow for cafe operations to reduce human error and through that improve consistency, which is something most cafes cannot replicate with each shift potentially having the bar run by different baristas with varying skill levels.

I think the challenge for the Turbosteam technology would be that some baristas would feel like this is “cheat” as the skill to froth and texture milk is removed from the equation of pouring latte art, but for me I’d rather be efficient in making coffee for my customers and have a trusty tool to froth my milk, giving me some more extra time to pour intricate latte art for customers.“ Darren.  BRC Champion 2019.

Well folks we’ve tried, tested and proven the Turbosteam technology with some of the best Baristas in the country. Hopefully the steaming and frothing of milk by hand might soon become a thing of the past. Baristas can up their service, justify better wages and serve better coffee faster. Cafe owners will benefit too, with productivity, consistency and service all playing an important part in helping our beloved coffee outlets gain a real edge and sustain in this increasingly competitive industry.

Welcome to the future now with Turbosteam..