April 2024 Promotion – La Marzocco & Free Grinder Deal!

April 2024 Promotion – La Marzocco & Free Grinder Deal!

For the month of April, Caffeine Solutions is excited to offer an irresistible offer on La Marzocco that can’t be missed. Purchase a La Marzocco and receive a Fiorenzato/Mahlkonig grinder, for free!  Build the perfect espresso bar with top-of-the-line equipment, trusted by coffee professionals all around the world at an unbeatable price.

La Marzocco is a world-renowned brand in the industry, rich in history and heritage dating back to 1972. As pioneers in some of the most progressive innovation in espresso machines, La Marzocco has become a name synonymous with artisanal craftsmanship, quality and performance – delivering some of the industry’s most beloved equipment.

Paired with either a Fiorenzato or Mahlkonig grinder, your coffee bar will be equipped to take on anything from rush hour coffee slams in a business district to Sunday cafe brunches and tea times. Limited quantities and sets are available so don’t miss this one-of-a-kind deal! Speak to your dedicated salesperson, or email us at hello@caffeinesolutions.sg for more details.


Caffeine Solutions Partners With Eversys

Caffeine Solutions Partners With Eversys

Caffeine Solutions is delighted to announce the addition of Eversys to our premium line up of espresso machines.

At Caffeine Solutions, we believe that the future of coffee is closely entwined with emerging technology and innovation. One of our core goals is to redefine the role of the barista as we know it, through automation and technology – hence, we believe that this partnership with Eversys is a step forward in our long-standing commitment to optimise barista performance, while increasing consistency and quality.

Eversys, “true espresso with a touch”
Originating in Switzerland in 2009, Eversys is a global provider and leading manufacturer of Super Traditional coffee machines. Known for bridging the gap between traditional coffee systems and modern-day technology, they are known to be a forerunner in the coffee industry for their precision engineering of machines that increase productivity and streamline operations for the ultimate accuracy and efficiency.

Consistency, Precision & Quality
Through their largely automated systems, Eversys Super Traditional machines have transformed the way cafes and their baristas operate. With self-calibration, Eversys machines promote consistency and efficiency, allowing more time and allocation of resources towards human creativity and artistry in beverage service. By building machines that focus on in-cup quality through automation, baristas are able to prioritize the customer service aspect of their role, to enhance the customer experience.

Eversys machines also allow precise control over parameters such as temperature, pressure and flow rate – all easily adjustable and accessible through a user-friendly touchscreen interface. Baristas are also able to create and save preferred recipes and settings,  at the touch of a button; preserving quality through automation, and allowing room for further experimentation and development.

Find out more about automation in coffee today
We welcome you to delve deeper into the world of the advanced Super Traditional machines that Eversys has to offer, with us.
Contact us today for more information and to arrange a demo at our Caffeine Solutions showroom today!

Introducing Caffe Vergnano from Turin, Italy

Introducing Caffe Vergnano from Turin, Italy

Caffeine Solutions is proud to announce our latest offering – Caffe Vergnano!

Established in 1882 in Turin, Caffe Vergnano is the oldest coffee roasting company in Italy. With a long-standing reputation for producing premium, authentic Italian coffee, their dedication to quality is evident in every cup, as they carefully select the finest beans roasted with the perfect profiles. Steeped in rich tradition and superior quality, Caffe Vergnano has grown to be one of the top 5 coffee brands in Italy.



Beyond being a trusted producer of premium Italian coffee, Caffe Vergnano also supports sustainability and maintains an Environmental Management System, fulfilling the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 in their systems and processes.



Caffeine Solutions is thrilled to offer a range of whole bean espresso products of differing blend compositions and flavour profiles from Caffe Vergnano, to suit a wide range of customers. For even more holistic beverage solutions, decaffeinated and chocolate products are also available.

We are excited to share the exquisite flavours of Caffe Vergnano with you and invite you to experience the true essence of Italian coffee culture with us. Stay tuned for more updates and special promotions!


Mahlkonig E65S GBW – March Promotion!

Mahlkonig E65S GBW – March Promotion!

The first ever espresso grinder that offers Grind-by-Weight capabilities, the E65S GBW was the pioneer in revolutionalizing espresso grinding technology. Featuring Mahlkonig’s patented Disc Distance Detection that allows you to set fineness based on actual distance between burrs, the E65S GBW guarantees accuracy and precision at any coffee bar.

Designed for commercial use, it features a powerful 450-watt motor and 65mm flat burrs that deliver uniform grind particles for exceptional espresso extraction all packed into a modern and slim design. With adjustable and removable spouts, this grinder is built for any coffee service requirements, and is easy to clean and maintain.

Caffeine Solutions, the official distributor of Mahlkonig in Singapore, is excited to share our promotion on Mahlkonig’s E65S GBW. We have limited units available in black or white – so don’t miss out on your chance to secure this game-changing grinder, perfect for any location of business! Get in touch to find out more!

Flavourings & Syrups – Yay or Nay?

Flavourings & Syrups – Yay or Nay?

So, you’re a hot coffee spot, slinging lattes and cappuccinos all day long. You’ve got your aficionados and connoisseurs but why stop there? But what else can you offer your customers? What is that extra push you need to generate more interest and expand your customer base? 

Variety and wider offerings is a great place to start!


Flavoured Syrups in Your Beverages 

Sweeteners and syrups have always been a bit of a grey area in coffee, but whichever side of the coin you choose, what do these extra flavours mean for your customers and, in turn, sales? Is there really demand for drinks that are laced with sugar and additives?


Notorious for being filled with artificial colours and ingredients, syrups are viewed in dim light for being unhealthy or even artificially intrusive on the original and intended flavours of your beverages. However, with the provision of the right syrups, we genuinely believe that you can open up a world of possibilities and truly unlock the potential of your beverage menu. 


Naked Syrups – Small Batch, High Quality

Introducing Naked Syrups from Australia. They’re all-natural, vegan-friendly, gluten-free syrups that come in a variety of flavours that would work great at your bar! Their classic flavours such as caramel, hazelnut and vanilla complement coffee beverages, while other flavours such as traditional lemonade go great with tea or could even serve as a fantastic base in the creation of trendier and more unconventional drinks to serve a whole new captive audience – citrus coffee fizz, anyone?


With a focus on utilizing the finest ingredients, Naked Syrups assures premium quality in all their creations. They select and source ingredients that are wholesome, and keep their products vegan-friendly and gluten-free, making them enjoyable for the masses.


More Than Just Taste

Besides adding depth of flavour to your beverages and broadening the array of flavours you can add to your beverage menu, syrups and sauces can also add to the aesthetics of your drinks! A drizzle of chocolate sauce or a dollop of caramel could go a long way in adding visually appealing layers and build more intriguing drinks for your consumers. 


At Caffeine Solutions, we believe that innovation and creativity are key factors to adapting in this ever-changing cafe climate. We believe that Naked Syrups would be an incredible addition to your bar operations and offerings – from syrups and sauces to powders, expand your beverage menu offerings with a variety of options. Contact us today for a demo and sampling of beverages our team has concocted with our Naked Syrups!


Mahlkonig Coffee Grinder Duo Deal For October & November 2023

Mahlkonig Coffee Grinder Duo Deal For October & November 2023

Renowned for its high quality and classic design, Mahlkonig is a must-have coffee grinder name to have on the coffee bar of any cafe. Setting the standards for coffee grinders since the 1920s, Mahlkonig grinders are known to deliver exceptional grind consistency for the perfect extraction. Whether you’re dialing in for filter coffee or espressos, Mahlkonig has a wide range of choices for the needs of any cafe. 

As the preferred distributor of Mahlkonig in Singapore, Caffeine Solutions is excited to announce our Duo Deal, available exclusively for October and November 2023! Featuring two classic workhorses from the Mahlkonig catalogue that need little introduction – the EK43 S and the E65S GBW!

The EK43 S is an absolute icon in the industry. Beyond grind precision and its versatile grinding abilities, the EK43 S also grinds quietly with minimal heat transfer; all crucial factors in making the best coffee. One of the most trusted choices by baristas all over the world, The EK43 S is perfection on your bench and exudes excellence.

The E65S GBW is a compact precision espresso grinder, perfect for cafes with less counter space, but just as much heart and soul for their coffee game. Just like the EK43 S, the E65S GBW boasts the same excellence in grind consistency, perfect for dialing in your ideal shot.

Whether you are a brand new cafe owner or someone just looking to make serious improvements in your existing coffee program; choose professionalism and excellence for your operations. Indulge in coffee grinders that bear decades of experience and history, to give you top-tier grind performance.

Contact us for a demo of these world-class coffee grinders today and let our experienced team help you to determine the best duo set to suit your cafe’s needs today!