Eversys – Consistency, Efficiency, Innovation

Eversys – Consistency, Efficiency, Innovation

After a successful joint-event showcasing the endless possibilities of using the Eversys, Caffeine Solutions is delighted to extend an an exclusive discount on any model from Eversys, till 30th June 2024. Read on to more about this promotion and our event below.

Caffeine Solutions has always believed in pushing the boundaries of coffee through automation, innovation and technology – and this year’s Barista Redefined Challenge was no different.

On 25th April 2024, over 100 guests gathered at the cool and chic new space that is Guerilla Coffee @ Gillman Barracks. For the first time in Singapore, Caffeine Solutions gathered 15 baristas to compete on a fast-paced, knock-out style latte art throwdown… on super traditional machine.

Harnessing the abilities of the Eversys, our competition was designed to exhibit some of the greatest qualities of an Eversys – accuracy, convenience and speed. Using the 1.5step, competitors were able to seamlessly pull their espresso shots and achieve high quality milk foam for their latte art with just the push of two buttons. As organisers, by making it such that competitors could only obtain full cream milk from the 1.5-step, we were able to control and restrict the parameters of the the milk foam achieve, hence standardise each of these factors across the board for all competitors.

The machines were easily programmable and calibrating to the necessities of our competition was extremely straightforward. On the competitors’s end, they found that operating the Eversys was not only simple, but the resulting espresso shots and milk quality were consistent, each and every time.

Baristas in the final 2 rounds were also required to use the 2-step to steam oat milk. The 2-step, once programmed, enables the barista to automatically steam different types of milk consistently according to the various programs that can be preset – this makes service (in the case, competition) time extremely manageable.

From taming pressure and shot calibration to milk temperature and froth density – Eversys’s keenness for innovation has made it such that some of the most intricate details of the coffee making process can be automated and accurate to a tee. This frees up the barista for more time for service standards such as customer interaction and building on the each customer’s experience.

Besides the simple configuration of Eversys machines, they are also modular systems which makes repair simpler, smoother and faster on a technical end by making modules interchangeable. With their milk fridge system, milk is also stored, aerated and dispensed safely and conveniently.

Are you looking to find out more about Eversys and what their espresso machines can do for your business? Speak to someone on our team to find out what model is right for you. Don’t miss out on this exclusive discount running till end of June!



April 2024 Promotion – La Marzocco & Free Grinder Deal!

April 2024 Promotion – La Marzocco & Free Grinder Deal!

For the month of April, Caffeine Solutions is excited to offer an irresistible offer on La Marzocco that can’t be missed. Purchase a La Marzocco and receive a Fiorenzato/Mahlkonig grinder, for free!  Build the perfect espresso bar with top-of-the-line equipment, trusted by coffee professionals all around the world at an unbeatable price.

La Marzocco is a world-renowned brand in the industry, rich in history and heritage dating back to 1972. As pioneers in some of the most progressive innovation in espresso machines, La Marzocco has become a name synonymous with artisanal craftsmanship, quality and performance – delivering some of the industry’s most beloved equipment.

Paired with either a Fiorenzato or Mahlkonig grinder, your coffee bar will be equipped to take on anything from rush hour coffee slams in a business district to Sunday cafe brunches and tea times. Limited quantities and sets are available so don’t miss this one-of-a-kind deal! Speak to your dedicated salesperson, or email us at hello@caffeinesolutions.sg for more details.


Mahlkonig E65S GBW – March Promotion!

Mahlkonig E65S GBW – March Promotion!

The first ever espresso grinder that offers Grind-by-Weight capabilities, the E65S GBW was the pioneer in revolutionalizing espresso grinding technology. Featuring Mahlkonig’s patented Disc Distance Detection that allows you to set fineness based on actual distance between burrs, the E65S GBW guarantees accuracy and precision at any coffee bar.

Designed for commercial use, it features a powerful 450-watt motor and 65mm flat burrs that deliver uniform grind particles for exceptional espresso extraction all packed into a modern and slim design. With adjustable and removable spouts, this grinder is built for any coffee service requirements, and is easy to clean and maintain.

Caffeine Solutions, the official distributor of Mahlkonig in Singapore, is excited to share our promotion on Mahlkonig’s E65S GBW. We have limited units available in black or white – so don’t miss out on your chance to secure this game-changing grinder, perfect for any location of business! Get in touch to find out more!

Mahlkonig Coffee Grinder Duo Deal For October & November 2023

Mahlkonig Coffee Grinder Duo Deal For October & November 2023

Renowned for its high quality and classic design, Mahlkonig is a must-have coffee grinder name to have on the coffee bar of any cafe. Setting the standards for coffee grinders since the 1920s, Mahlkonig grinders are known to deliver exceptional grind consistency for the perfect extraction. Whether you’re dialing in for filter coffee or espressos, Mahlkonig has a wide range of choices for the needs of any cafe. 

As the preferred distributor of Mahlkonig in Singapore, Caffeine Solutions is excited to announce our Duo Deal, available exclusively for October and November 2023! Featuring two classic workhorses from the Mahlkonig catalogue that need little introduction – the EK43 S and the E65S GBW!

The EK43 S is an absolute icon in the industry. Beyond grind precision and its versatile grinding abilities, the EK43 S also grinds quietly with minimal heat transfer; all crucial factors in making the best coffee. One of the most trusted choices by baristas all over the world, The EK43 S is perfection on your bench and exudes excellence.

The E65S GBW is a compact precision espresso grinder, perfect for cafes with less counter space, but just as much heart and soul for their coffee game. Just like the EK43 S, the E65S GBW boasts the same excellence in grind consistency, perfect for dialing in your ideal shot.

Whether you are a brand new cafe owner or someone just looking to make serious improvements in your existing coffee program; choose professionalism and excellence for your operations. Indulge in coffee grinders that bear decades of experience and history, to give you top-tier grind performance.

Contact us for a demo of these world-class coffee grinders today and let our experienced team help you to determine the best duo set to suit your cafe’s needs today!


Can I afford that Espresso Machine?

Can I afford that Espresso Machine?


So you’re thinking about starting a cafe.

You: I need a coffee machine.

Your brain:

  • How does it look against my decor?

  • How big a machine do I need?

  • How much space do I need?

  • How will I ensure the best possible quality and consistency?

Espresso machines are expensive, some can cost S$25,000 and up! That’s crazy! Or is it? Who knows?

If those are the questions swirling around in your mind then this article is for you!

Easy coffee mathematics

Let’s assume your name is Heng Sway Keat. You are opening a cafe in the East Coast. The cafe is called An East Coast Plan.

So you will need an east coast plan.

HSK: Hi John.

CS: How many cups a day will AN EAST COAST PLAN be serving?

HSK: 30 cups a day for XX days

CS: Average selling price?

HSK: Five bucks.

CS: OK HSK, it will take 8 months to pay off your $25K coffee machine

HSK: But how?

CS: Because coffee machines are INVESTMENTS, not an expense!

CS: *mic drop*

(For a more in depth explanation, please read the TLDR section below)

There’s a reason why the best cafes invest heavily on quality equipment.

It’s because they see it as great investments!

Not only that, there are a few other BIG reasons to choose a high performance espresso machine.

Size does matter.

A budget setup will not grow with you if more customers show up..

Customers hate long waiting times so the number of customers you have during your busiest timing should determine your equipment size.

Focus on saving time AND money

Look at Turbosteam, our automated milk steamer. It will force your barista to stop frothing milk and start serving your customers and upselling. This also saves tons of milk in the process.

And oh yeah, it cuts training time by half.

More boilers are better

Get a multi-boiler system like the m100 or the slayer LPX. They are the super stable workhorses that operate at the highest performance standards. Top tier espresso machines don’t just work faster, they also have the tech to produce better coffee than budget models.

Looks Matter

Your coffee machine is the centerpiece. Make sure it looks the part. Turning heads and drawing your customers in is half the battle won.

Work with experts

At Caffeine Solutions, we first listen to understand. Then we will help you choose the best solution.

Once you come on-board with us, our quality assurance and support team will be with you side by side.

Let us help you keep your customers coming back.



If one cup of coffee costs about $1.20 and your average selling price is $5, then your gross profit will be $3.80 per cup.

We take gross profit for several reasons, as everyone might have a slightly different expense profile. Many cafes are doing well with their other non-coffee items. So gross profit can be seen as almost pure net profit. 

So let’s just say how many cups will it take you to make $1,000 in gross profit? 

1,000 / 3.80 = 263 cups

For a cafe or bakery that can serve 30cups a day or ($114), here is the payback in number of days:

For a $6,000 espresso machine system (Grinder + Espresso Machine)

Payback is $6,000 / $114 = 52 days

For a $10,000 espresso machine system (Grinder + Espresso Machine)

Payback is $10,000 / $114 = 87.7 days

For a $15,000 espresso machine system (Grinder + Espresso Machine) 

Payback is $15,000 / $114 = 131.6 days

For a $25,000 espresso machine system (Grinder + Espresso Machine)

Payback is $25,000 / $114 =219 days


Espresso Machine + Coffee Grinder GSS Promo

Limited time only, valid till 30/10/2020*

Terms and Conditions Apply*

Infectious Sale 2020 – Spread the word!

Infectious Sale 2020 – Spread the word!

Has Covid-19 got you down? We’ve got your back! Buy a box of masks and hand sanitiser from us and get a free espresso machine and grinder bundle for free (…kidding lah)! Prices start from S$3,500. Check out the deals listed below… terms and conditions in the attachments.

Bundle Deals

Corporate Program