After a successful joint-event showcasing the endless possibilities of using the Eversys, Caffeine Solutions is delighted to extend an an exclusive discount on any model from Eversys, till 30th June 2024. Read on to more about this promotion and our event below.

Caffeine Solutions has always believed in pushing the boundaries of coffee through automation, innovation and technology – and this year’s Barista Redefined Challenge was no different.

On 25th April 2024, over 100 guests gathered at the cool and chic new space that is Guerilla Coffee @ Gillman Barracks. For the first time in Singapore, Caffeine Solutions gathered 15 baristas to compete on a fast-paced, knock-out style latte art throwdown… on super traditional machine.

Harnessing the abilities of the Eversys, our competition was designed to exhibit some of the greatest qualities of an Eversys – accuracy, convenience and speed. Using the 1.5step, competitors were able to seamlessly pull their espresso shots and achieve high quality milk foam for their latte art with just the push of two buttons. As organisers, by making it such that competitors could only obtain full cream milk from the 1.5-step, we were able to control and restrict the parameters of the the milk foam achieve, hence standardise each of these factors across the board for all competitors.

The machines were easily programmable and calibrating to the necessities of our competition was extremely straightforward. On the competitors’s end, they found that operating the Eversys was not only simple, but the resulting espresso shots and milk quality were consistent, each and every time.

Baristas in the final 2 rounds were also required to use the 2-step to steam oat milk. The 2-step, once programmed, enables the barista to automatically steam different types of milk consistently according to the various programs that can be preset – this makes service (in the case, competition) time extremely manageable.

From taming pressure and shot calibration to milk temperature and froth density – Eversys’s keenness for innovation has made it such that some of the most intricate details of the coffee making process can be automated and accurate to a tee. This frees up the barista for more time for service standards such as customer interaction and building on the each customer’s experience.

Besides the simple configuration of Eversys machines, they are also modular systems which makes repair simpler, smoother and faster on a technical end by making modules interchangeable. With their milk fridge system, milk is also stored, aerated and dispensed safely and conveniently.

Are you looking to find out more about Eversys and what their espresso machines can do for your business? Speak to someone on our team to find out what model is right for you. Don’t miss out on this exclusive discount running till end of June!