Eversys, a global manufacturer of professional, super traditional espresso equipment since 2009. Their mission is to create “true espresso with a touch” and by optimising smart technology, their innovative machines break through the traditional barista customs, harmonising authentic flavors with technology.

Eversys Enigma

The E-Barista/Classic was the first machine conceived and produced by Eversys. Built based on a two-group machine, it measures 56 cm wide and is designed to produce 4 espresso at the same time. It is fully equipped to produce 350 espressos per hour.

The machine can also produce tea and continuous steam concurrently. It is equipped with an in-built automatic milk heating/frothing module. Its ease of use enables it to be utilised in self-service environments as well.

Eversys Cameo

The Eversys Cameo is built for precision and high productivity. It is well-suited for medium-volume environments where the ultimate in-cup experience matters the most.

  • 175 espressos per hour (23s extraction time)
  • 170 hot water products per hour
  • Run two products at the same time
  • E’leveling system: introducing powder homogenisation to assure consistent quality