So, you’re a hot coffee spot, slinging lattes and cappuccinos all day long. You’ve got your aficionados and connoisseurs but why stop there? But what else can you offer your customers? What is that extra push you need to generate more interest and expand your customer base? 

Variety and wider offerings is a great place to start!


Flavoured Syrups in Your Beverages 

Sweeteners and syrups have always been a bit of a grey area in coffee, but whichever side of the coin you choose, what do these extra flavours mean for your customers and, in turn, sales? Is there really demand for drinks that are laced with sugar and additives?


Notorious for being filled with artificial colours and ingredients, syrups are viewed in dim light for being unhealthy or even artificially intrusive on the original and intended flavours of your beverages. However, with the provision of the right syrups, we genuinely believe that you can open up a world of possibilities and truly unlock the potential of your beverage menu. 


Naked Syrups – Small Batch, High Quality

Introducing Naked Syrups from Australia. They’re all-natural, vegan-friendly, gluten-free syrups that come in a variety of flavours that would work great at your bar! Their classic flavours such as caramel, hazelnut and vanilla complement coffee beverages, while other flavours such as traditional lemonade go great with tea or could even serve as a fantastic base in the creation of trendier and more unconventional drinks to serve a whole new captive audience – citrus coffee fizz, anyone?


With a focus on utilizing the finest ingredients, Naked Syrups assures premium quality in all their creations. They select and source ingredients that are wholesome, and keep their products vegan-friendly and gluten-free, making them enjoyable for the masses.


More Than Just Taste

Besides adding depth of flavour to your beverages and broadening the array of flavours you can add to your beverage menu, syrups and sauces can also add to the aesthetics of your drinks! A drizzle of chocolate sauce or a dollop of caramel could go a long way in adding visually appealing layers and build more intriguing drinks for your consumers. 


At Caffeine Solutions, we believe that innovation and creativity are key factors to adapting in this ever-changing cafe climate. We believe that Naked Syrups would be an incredible addition to your bar operations and offerings – from syrups and sauces to powders, expand your beverage menu offerings with a variety of options. Contact us today for a demo and sampling of beverages our team has concocted with our Naked Syrups!