Looking for a professional coffee bar set-up for your space?

Uncover the best coffee machine that’s exceptional for your cafe or restaurant with our wide selection of coffee beans, professional coffee grinders and professional espresso machines. Our team of experts are well-equipped with vast industry experience and knowledge of our products and services to better support you en-route to achieving coffee excellence.

Why Caffeine Solutions?

Trusted Brand Partner

  • Trusted distributor of world-renowned espresso machine and grinder brands, in particular, Mahlkonig, La Marzocco, Eversys, and Fiorenzato
  • Worked with esteemed brands such as Miracle Coffee, Symmetry Coffee, King’s Cart Coffee and more





Team of Coffee Professionals

  • Boasting a team of coffee professionals to aid in the selection of premium coffee beans from Guerilla Coffee and Caffe Vergnano and curate beverage menus best suited to your concept, considering factors like flavor, profile and consumers’ preferences
  • Providing guidance on quality control measures to ensure consistency and quality in every cup, enhancing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty

Training and Maintenance

  • Providing comprehensive training programs for your staff, ensuring the understandability of proper coffee brewing techniques, and effective use of coffee machines to enhance the efficiency of your business
  • Trained technical professionals to provide reliable technical services for your coffee equipment, such as preventive-measure maintenance and on-site servicing

Stay Ahead of Trends

  • With innovation being one of our key pillars, we strive to stay updated on the latest industry trends and offer a variety of emerging coffee products and techniques
  • This will also help you stay innovative and competitive in the ever-revolving market

Cost Efficiency

  • Our coffee professionals can help you optimise your purchasing practices, minimise chances of wastage, and maximise the profitability of your menu while maintaining high-quality coffee standards


Brand Differentiation

  • A coffee program crafted with care and purpose will serve as a unique selling point for your business, set your brand apart from competitors, and constantly provide customers with exceptional quality, variety, and experience



Achieve coffee excellence for your brand today

Our Products

Guerilla Coffee No. 2

Caffe Vergnano – Classico 600

Caffe Vergnano – Crema 800

La Marzocco Strada X

La Marzocco GB5 S

Eversys Enigma

Mahlkönig EK43

Mahlkönig E65S GBW

Fiorenzato F64 EVO


Achieve coffee excellence for your brand today