Enrich your office pantry with the perfect coffee machine

Conducive coffee breaks have been an integral part of a modern office, sparking great ideas and conversations. Be it enjoying your coffee with a touch of a button or brewing your own coffee professionally, we offer it all to ensure your team is well-fueled at every part of the day with the best beverage options in your pantry.

Why Choose Caffeine Solutions?

Trusted Brand Partner

  • Trusted distributor of world-renowned espresso machine and grinder brands, in particular, Mahlkonig, La Marzocco, Eversys, and Fiorenzato
  • Worked with esteemed brands such as Meta (Facebook), Porsche and AIA Group to build their beverage options in their offices

Team of Coffee Professionals

  • Boasting a team of coffee professionals to aid in the selection of premium coffee beans from Guerilla Coffee and Caffe Vergnano and curate coffee menus best suited to the office concept and environment
  • High-quality coffee in office pantries can significantly contribute to employee satisfaction, foster a positive work environment and improve productivity

Training and Maintenance

  • Providing comprehensive training programs for office staff to understand proper coffee brewing techniques, and effective use of coffee machines to empower employees to make better coffee choices, enhancing the overall coffee experience
  • Trained technical professionals to provide reliable technical services for the coffee equipment, such as preventive-measure maintenance and on-site servicing

Feedback and Improvement

  • Regular consultation allows for ongoing feedback and adjustments to the coffee program, ensuring it remains responsive to employees’ preferences and stay relevant to evolving trends in coffee consumption

Cost Efficiency

  • Our coffee professionals can help to optimise the purchasing practices, minimise chances of wastage, and better manage expenses related to the office coffee program without compromising quality and employees’ satisfaction

Enhanced Brand Image

  • A well-curated coffee program in office pantries can contribute to a positive workplace culture, fostering connections among employees and reflects a commitment to employees’ satisfaction and well-being

Upgrade your coffee break with us today

Our Products

Guerilla Coffee No. 2

Caffe Vergnano – Classico 600

Caffe Vergnano – Crema 800

Caffeine Solutions A1

Eversys Enigma

Eversys Cameo

Mahlkönig E65S 

Fiorenzato F64 EVO

LaCimbali Elective

Upgrade your coffee break with us today