La Marzocco Pico

The Pico blends simplicity, reliability, and exceptional shot-quality with every grind. Designed with impeccable attention detail, the Pico comes equipped with a noise-reducing brushless induction motor, precise dose selection, programmability, and unique features like the adjustable magnetic portafilter fork and auto-close hopper.

Compact and user-friendly, the Pico seamlessly integrates into any morning routine—the perfect companion for the home barista.

Mahlkönig EK Omnia (Pre-Order)

The Mahlkönig EK Omnia reflects an unwavering commitment to achieving excellence, and is making waves in the world of coffee-grinding innovation and technology.

Building off the well-loved industry icon, the EK43, the EK Omnia is Mahlkönig’s new flagship grinder designed for unprecedented consistency and efficiency as it adds the most recent and ground-breaking technology to the already-iconic EK. EK Omnia is a remarkable addition to the Mahlkönig EK range which now proudly comprises the EK43, EK43 S, and the EK Omnia.

For coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike who desire excellent grind quality without compromising on convenience and speed – the EK Omnia unlocks a whole new era in coffee grinding.

Mahlkönig X54

Be your own barista with the X54 Allround Home Grinder.

The everyday coffee enjoyment really matters. Freshly roasted specialty varieties prepared by a skilled barista with professional premium equipment can turn a small coffee break into a meaningful moment of joy. We have developed the X54 allround home grinder so that you can experience these coffee moments of joy at home, too. The grinder enables optimal grinding that meets even the highest demands. As a true allrounder, the grinder is suitable for many preparation methods: for your aromatic espresso in the morning just as for your pour-over or French press in the afternoon.

The Mahlkönig X54 allround home grinder is the best choice for every home barista.

Mahlkönig Peak

  • Wear-resistant premium cast steel grinding discs with optimum run-in behavior
  • Double ventilation for cool grinding
  • Adjustable spout for a centered distribution of the material to be ground for each portafilter size
  • Accurate dosage in 0.01 sec increments
  • Stepless grinding grade setting with precise setting scale for exact grinding grade setting and repeat accuracy

Mahlkönig E65S 

The Mahlkonig E65S Grinder is proven to create a premium grinding profile featuring a great taste experience, with an innovative icon menu for intuitive operation , it can store up to 6 programmable recipes with a multifunctional turn- & push-button.

A slim corpus with modern design, pleasantly quiet grinding, with quick step-less and single-handed grind adjustment with independent locking mechanism , it has an adjustable and removable spout to fit any portafilter.

Mahlkönig E65S GBW

The E65S GBW is the next espresso grinding revolution. It is the first espresso grinder ever, that features Grind-by-Weight technology for real-time scale controlled dosing as well as Mahlkönig’s pioneering patented Disc Distance Detection that lets you set the degree of fineness based on the actual distance between the burrs.

Keeping your perfect individual grinder settings has never been so easy, yet so precise.

Mahlkönig EK43(S)

The Mahlkönig EK43 S Grinder will give you the performance and grinding results of the established EK43 but within a smaller space-saving corpus.

 It is a robust small grinder with high grinding capacity and premium cast steel grinding discs that are suitable for different applications: filter, espresso, or turkish-fine coffee grinding with an easy and precise grind adjustment.

Mahlkönig EK43

The Mahlkönig EK43 Grinder has an outstanding particle size spreads which features high extraction rates and the best possible taste, with it’s premium cast steel grinding discs , it is a robust grinder with high grinding capacity and is suitable for different applications: filter, espresso, or turkish-fine coffee grinding .

Grinding of other grists such as spices, grain, poppy-seed and linseed is possible with individual grinding discs. Easy and precise grind adjustment.

Fiorenzato F64 Nano

A durable, quiet doserless grinder with electronic controls and an easy to use touchscreen display. Able to grind for all types of coffee, the Fiorenzato F4 is our most affordable Italian-built espresso grinder.

Mahlkönig E80 Supreme

The E80 Supreme sets the new benchmark in premium espresso grinding. It provides top-notch grinding speed and effortlessly copes with high daily capacities.

Its exclusively designed burr geometry and grinding profile surpass even the highest demands, enabling perfect extraction for a superior taste experience. Mahlkönig’s pioneering patented Disc Distance Detection lets you set the degree of fineness based on the actual distance between the burrs. Keeping your perfect individual grinder settings has never been so easy, yet so precise.

Fiorenzato F64 EVO Pro

The F64 EVO PRO is a precise and reliable espresso grinder with 64mm flat burrs.

EVO technology automatically activates a cooling fan to help keep grind temperatures consistent. Two levers access the grinder chamber so burrs can be easily reached for cleaning so no residue is left behind.

The 4.3-inch touchscreen IPS screen display has an intuitive user interface and scrolling menu so you can monitor coffee stats and easily switch between grinding modes.

Added bonus: it’s compatible with the PUQpress M4 Automatic Tamper – a best seller!

The clever and efficient design of this espresso grinder makes it easy to use and suitable for any coffee business. This is a grinder that will improve the workflow and bring your baristas joy.

Fiorenzato F64 EVO

FIORENZATO presents the full-color TOUCHSCREEN display with CapSense technology, bigger and more intuitive. Innovative, clean and with an essential design, where functions can be activated with a simple touch.

The display shows the statistics and the mills’ (burrs) replacement hours, but also the percentage of humidity and the temperature.

The Cooling fan is activated only when the grinder doser overheats, cooling the motor.

This grinder has virtually clump free grinding, and is a stepless/doserless electronic grinder with many exciting features, and at a great price!

Fiorenzato AllGround

A new high-performance grinder for domestic use as well as the specialty coffee world. This coffee grinder is versatile and easy to use to ensure maximum yield and enhancement of the aromatic notes of the coffee, thanks to the instant grinding tailored for espresso, filter, and moka pot.

The Fiorenzato…
– QUIET, so quiet
– Virtually clump free
– Fast
– Durable
– Uniform and consistent
– Aesthetically pleasing
– Easy to adjust
– Has 2 programmable dose settings & manual button

Fiorenzato AllGround Sense

The AllGround Sense revolutionizes your coffee routine by seamlessly integrating load cell technology. This groundbreaking feature means you can say goodbye to cumbersome separate scales and hello to real-time, precise weighing directly within the grinding process. No more guesswork; simply set your desired weight.

Integrated load cell technology accurately measures coffee grounds in real time – a streamlined process that grinds directly into the portafilter for precise measurements without extra steps.
A home grinder for Moka pot, espresso, and filter brews so your morning coffee just leveled up.

LaCimbali Elective

The quality of a coffee is never just about the bean. It’s never just about the roasting process and neither is it ever just about that first sip.
The perfect coffee is an idea in constant evolution.

Welcome to the world of Elective. Elective has been specially designed to allow it to interact with La Cimbali’s most technologically advanced machines, in order to guarantee impeccable quality in the cup and maximum flexibility. Its natural and optimal pairing is with the M100i machine, as part of the integrated Barista Drive System (BDS). Thanks to the Bluetooth system built into the grinder, the LaCimbali M100, M39TE and M34 machines can also communicate with Elective, guaranteeing perfect coffee grinding every time, courtesy of PGS technology.

Fiorenzato F83E

The Fiorenzato F83E Electronic is a powerful flat grade grinder. It offers determined outcomes under different demands that ensure functional reliability for superior dispensing parameters and ultimate cup quality consistency. This electronic grinder comes with a single dose system.

This grinder has a strong all-metal doser mechanism including externally mounted adjusting nut for convenient access to change volume delivery settings.

The tempered steel flat blades also have continuous micrometric grinding adjustment. This grinder comes with standard coating and fork.

Ideally, this grinder is suited for medium to high levels of demand and commercial use.

LaCimbali Magnum

on Demand

With Magnum on demand, the whole coffee beans are ground directly in the filter holder before the espresso is extracted, resulting in better in-the-cup aroma. The grinder-doser can be programmed to operate automatically or manually. In automatic mode, the grind function is activated by a photocell when the filter holder is placed on the fork. Dosage is pre-selected using the touch screen. In manual mode, once the filter holder is placed on the fork, the grind function is activated by selecting the required dose on the touch screen.

  • The grammage of single and double doses is independent and consistent
  • Micrometric screw adjustment of grind setting: fast and accurate
  • Height-adjustable fork suitable for various filter holders
  • Dosage centred in the filter holder
  • No electrostatic charge
  • Cleaning is quicker and simpler
  • Touch screen for an easy and intuitive programming and use
  • Three settings: single dose, double dose or continuous grind

LaCimbali CM on Demand

This is an instantaneous, electronic grinder-doser : it freshly grounds the set doses directly into the filter-holder: Flat burrs. Diameter 64.

Single and double doses are settable independently. There is a micrometric screw adjustment of grind setting. Removed hopper security micro switch with a die-cast chrome and painted body.