Can technology increase efficiency and help my cafe kick-ass?

If your answer is “NO”, then please wait for our upcoming article called “Should I open a cafe?”.

If your answer is “yes” or “I’m not sure”, then this article is for you.

Jokes aside, even if your answer is “NO”, you’re still gonna want to read this.


The Problem 

The biggest problem cafes face are profitability, labour shortages, and staff retention. We know this because we hear this from all our customers.

But a kick-ass customer experience should be the number one goal of any cafe as it is the key to any successful cafe. If you can achieve this goal, your customers will keep coming back.

Caffeine Solutions focuses on helping cafes find their kick-ass customer experience. Profitability is what happens when we get it right!


Slow coffee kills

A customer’s time is their most precious resource- especially during peak hours.  Any time saved from making a cup of coffee can save precious seconds for your busy customers.

When you have 100 customers ordering coffee at 10am, that’s when the real problems begin.  A bad workflow can result in long wait times, wrong orders, and worst of all missed orders.

Angry, unhappy customers are the worst thing that can happen to a cafe. They stress everyone out and chances are, they won’t come back and/or they’ll tell their friends not to visit the cafe at all.

But if your machine can make 200 drinks at one go, you’ll have both happy customers AND they’ll introduce the cafe to their friends as well.

With maximum efficiency and time saved, baristas can also focus on the customer experience or upsell products to improve sales.


Consistency is key

Customers expect every cup of coffee to taste the same. However, this is seldom the case. In fact, many cafes struggle with consistency.

Customers do not see the struggles that cafes face and honestly, they don’t really care either. Sometimes cafes may have to deal with staff who are exhausted after making the 100th drink of the day or they may have to make do with untrained baristas. Sometimes their staff don’t show up at all!

At Caffeine Solutions, we know how to make every cup taste the same.

  • Reduce labour cost and improve staff retention
    Not every cafe can afford a crack team of trained baristas.
    For those who can, finding and sustaining this team could be an issue.
  • Technology can help baristas do more with less
    Technology can help barista automate many repetitive tasks. This improves morale, boosts efficiency and allows them to focus on other essential tasks without worry.


What we do

We carry have a range of technology that can help cafes perform faster, better and with efficiency. Here are some examples of technology that has worked for our customers:

Turbosteam (By La Cimabli) is an automated steam wand. Add milk and push a button for handsfree steamed milk that’s good enough for the best latte artists.

Improves consistency, efficiency and speed while reducing training time.

Turbomilk (By La Cimbali) dispenses hot and cold milk foam from the fridge directly to the cup. This improves efficiency, especially for iced milk drinks.

Grind By Weight (by Mahlkonig) is the gold standard of baristas. This latest model has a precision grind-by-weight system that provides consistency and speed. Cafes can now reduce the time spent making each cup of coffee.

Autotamping The Elective AT is La Cimbali’s flagship performance workhorse espresso grinder. The AT model has a built-in tamper that improves consistency in the tamping process.

Cloud-based work order management and history

At Caffeine Solutions, all our work goes through a cloud-based system to ensure quality technical support. Our app-based system helps us be experts at fixing things fast so that your barista can start making coffee.


Come chat with us

We have many ways to help our customers thrive even in these challenging times. Our technology can play a key role in improving the customer experience.

Every solution is unique. Come have a chat with us to find out what yours is.

Let’s face the future together!