Caffeine Solutions is proud to announce our latest offering – Caffe Vergnano!

Established in 1882 in Turin, Caffe Vergnano is the oldest coffee roasting company in Italy. With a long-standing reputation for producing premium, authentic Italian coffee, their dedication to quality is evident in every cup, as they carefully select the finest beans roasted with the perfect profiles. Steeped in rich tradition and superior quality, Caffe Vergnano has grown to be one of the top 5 coffee brands in Italy.



Beyond being a trusted producer of premium Italian coffee, Caffe Vergnano also supports sustainability and maintains an Environmental Management System, fulfilling the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 in their systems and processes.



Caffeine Solutions is thrilled to offer a range of whole bean espresso products of differing blend compositions and flavour profiles from Caffe Vergnano, to suit a wide range of customers. For even more holistic beverage solutions, decaffeinated and chocolate products are also available.

We are excited to share the exquisite flavours of Caffe Vergnano with you and invite you to experience the true essence of Italian coffee culture with us. Stay tuned for more updates and special promotions!