LAF Essential 4

The Latte Art Factory is a game-changing, fully-automated milk steaming and frothing machine. The LAF can produce hot AND cold milk foam at the same temperature, quality and speed for every cup, all day. Inconsistent milk quality, temperature and wastage are now a thing of the past. Workflow also improves, especially with mixed orders of cold and hot beverages. The LAF can also create high quality microfoam for demanding baristas that want to add their final touch.

Sleek profile and elegant modern lines for any cafe concept.
Small footprint takes up little space on your precious cafe worktop.
Large touch screen menu is easy to use and highly customisable.
Also suitable for low fat milk, oat milk, soy milk, almond milk, cold brew, iced chocolate.
Easy set-up with auto-calibration feature
Auto-flush feature to prevent cross contamination.
Modular system for easy maintenance and quick service.
Easy to use daily cleaning sequence

LAF Bar 4

The perfect product to level up your bar optimization. Automated milk frothing will guide your business to greater efficiency and consistency.

Improve workflow: Sell more drinks with optimal workflows and faster preparation
Get sustainable: Cut costs from milk waste by up to 25% and improve sustainability
Grow loyalty: Grow your loyal customer base with guaranteed consistency and quality
Expand your menu: Access 100+ hot and cold drink recipes at the touch of a button