Renowned for its high quality and classic design, Mahlkonig is a must-have coffee grinder name to have on the coffee bar of any cafe. Setting the standards for coffee grinders since the 1920s, Mahlkonig grinders are known to deliver exceptional grind consistency for the perfect extraction. Whether you’re dialing in for filter coffee or espressos, Mahlkonig has a wide range of choices for the needs of any cafe. 

As the preferred distributor of Mahlkonig in Singapore, Caffeine Solutions is excited to announce our Duo Deal, available exclusively for October and November 2023! Featuring two classic workhorses from the Mahlkonig catalogue that need little introduction – the EK43 S and the E65S GBW!

The EK43 S is an absolute icon in the industry. Beyond grind precision and its versatile grinding abilities, the EK43 S also grinds quietly with minimal heat transfer; all crucial factors in making the best coffee. One of the most trusted choices by baristas all over the world, The EK43 S is perfection on your bench and exudes excellence.

The E65S GBW is a compact precision espresso grinder, perfect for cafes with less counter space, but just as much heart and soul for their coffee game. Just like the EK43 S, the E65S GBW boasts the same excellence in grind consistency, perfect for dialing in your ideal shot.

Whether you are a brand new cafe owner or someone just looking to make serious improvements in your existing coffee program; choose professionalism and excellence for your operations. Indulge in coffee grinders that bear decades of experience and history, to give you top-tier grind performance.

Contact us for a demo of these world-class coffee grinders today and let our experienced team help you to determine the best duo set to suit your cafe’s needs today!