Necta, being the cornerstone brand of Evoca Group, offers an enormous choice of products and associated services. The brand reputation is excellent thanks to their superior quality, reliability and ease of maintenance of its products.  

Necta also pursues a strategy of constant innovation and product development. Their ability to stay close to their clients for feedback acquisition drive their R&D capabilities, allowing them to adapt to different market needs with more appealing and technologically advanced products.

Necta KALEA + Fridge/Cup Warmer

The Necta KALEA offers both quality espresso and regular coffee based drinks combined with fresh milk. It uses cutting edge technology together with the heritage of traditional Italian espresso, taste and culture. A unique pleasure which enraptures, sip after sip.

Necta Koro Prime

Attention to detail, exquisite design, perfect lighting and unrivaled performance make Koro Prime the focus for the ideal coffee break.

Each is designed with soft, modern lines and is manufactured using a perfect balance of materials. Elegant ‘mood lighting’ illuminates both the front and sides and there’s a large display for managing both images and text. The backlit, touch sensitive selection panel completes the look of this perfect modern coffee machine: you can see at a glance that Koro Prime is an elegant machine that will enhance any environment.

Thanks to its characteristics, Koro Prime is ideal for locations such as offices, meeting rooms, shops, professional studios, small cafés and restaurants, and can be managed in a variety of ways.