Caffeine Solutions A1

Introducing the Caffeine Solutions A1.

A fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine that punches well above its weight class. With modern lines and a sleek profile, the A1 looks great in the pantry or in your lounge area. Suitable for offices that need up to 70 cups a day, the A1 is the perfect size for you.

  • 7’’ LCD touch screen ,Android system, more functional application available
  • Program and customize over 20 beverages
  • Programmable video for Brand promotion and advertisement
  • Large 1kg bean hopper
  • Tap water connection and optional 6L water tank
  • Multiple cups for conference occasion
  • Coffee and milk/foam can be made simultaneously for high efficiency
  • Optional drainage pipe and auto slag-falling system
  • Optional MDB protocol for payment system

Gaggia La Solare

La Solare is the new, fully automatic coffee machine by Gaggia Milano. It is the culmination of a series of cutting-edge technological advances, designed to enhance one of the most important rituals of the day: the coffee break.

With La Solare, you can offer customers beverages that combine the flavour of freshly ground coffee beans with the creaminess of fresh milk. It’s the perfect machine for all kinds of locations, from cafés to pastry shops; in retail or in hospitality.

CINOART Automatic Coffee Tamper

Coffee is so much more than something you drink. Preparing a great coffee has a ritual side of celebration that should not be overlooked, but the art of making a perfect coffee should not be exclusive only to some. That’s why we created CINOART Automatic Coffee Tamper—because tamping perfect and even coffee should be a seamless process that anyone can engage in and enjoy.

With CINOART Automatic Coffee Tamper, there are no variations in coffee tamping quality. You don’t need to have any special technical skills or even require the help of a professional—this is a coffee tamper that automatically tampers and delivers a perfectly even coffee… all the time!

  • Three gears of pressure
  • Adjustable pressure gears
  • Pressure can be saved for future use
  • Count the total number of times of use
  • Guiding function to ensure coffee powder is pressed smoothly