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coffee blends


“Good ideas start with great coffee.”

At Guerilla Coffee, we believe that great coffee brings great ideas.

We work directly with top producers to procure high quality specialty grade coffee, which we roast locally in Singapore. 

Our foundation stems from bridging a disconnect between day-to-day coffee and specialty coffee through

• Speciality grade coffee
• Sustainable estate sourced with full details of farms and beans
• Craft roasting to an easy-to-brew style
• Roasted in Singapore


“A Century of Taste, Where Every Cup Is A Delicious Masterpiece”

Founded in 1909 in Modena, Italy, Caffè Cagliari is a quality focused, family run company that spans over four generations to date. With its award winning blends, Caffè Cagliari retains its separate roasting process in order to achieve the optimal profile of each origin.

Caffe Cagliari represents the authenticity of Italy’s finest coffee beyond its borders and Caffeine Solutions is proud to be the sole distributor of their brand in Asia. We offer their full range of products to all segments, ranging from whole roasted beans, ground coffee and coffee capsules.


At Guerilla, we believe that every customer’s story is unique. We start by listening to understand what’s special. Our strength lies in discovering what our customers truly need, not want.

Guerilla offers complete coffee solutions for cafe owners and baristas. We focus on cafe consultation, technical support, and coffee equipment distribution. We are experts in the business of coffee and craft unique solutions by combining technology, experience, and passion to make cafes future-ready now.

We cater to customers from first time cafe owners to experienced operators looking to open their next outlet. Whether Coffee is the primary beverage or the secondary beverage, the customer journey is just as important.

If you are looking for specific equipment to improve your workflow, quality or consistency, we’re there to help.

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