Fiorenzato Allground Sense

The AllGround Sense revolutionizes your coffee routine by seamlessly integrating load cell technology. This groundbreaking feature means you can say goodbye to cumbersome separate scales and hello to real-time, precise weighing directly within the grinding process. No more guesswork; simply set your desired weight.

Integrated load cell technology accurately measures coffee grounds in real time – a streamlined process that grinds directly into the portafilter for precise measurements without extra steps.
A home grinder for Moka pot, espresso, and filter brews so your morning coffee just leveled up.

Color-changing screen, based on grind type, with endless grinding combinations.
64mm burrs, Dark-T coated in titanium, aluminum, carbon, and nitrogen, ensures durability that exceeds standard burrs by 5 times, as verified in laboratory tests.
The casing was engineered to eliminate vibration and noise so this is a quiet grinder.
Modern styling with a gorgeous touchscreen interface.



Introducing the ultimate precision grinding experience for coffee enthusiasts – the AllGround Sense with integrated scale technology. Elevate your brewing ritual to new heights with this cutting-edge grinder designed to cater to Moka Pot, filter brews, and espresso aficionados, all while offering unparalleled convenience and accuracy.

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