Flow Telemetry System



Make every cup awesome.

Flow is a telemetry device which is easily installed to any traditional volumetric machine. As a simple attachment to the espresso machine’s flow meter, Flow’s technology compiles real time data and the analytics of the overall espresso technical performance into an easy-to-read dashboard.

The three-part hardware and software kit taps into any traditional volumetric machine’s flow sensors, measuring the speed and volume of every shot pulled. Through wi-fi connectivity and a connected app, the data is displayed in real time in easy-to-read digital gauges, with a flashing red signal for when baristas may be off target, and green for when shots are within the target flow range.

Barista gauges also display a shot clock as well as an alert for when it may be time to adjust grind settings. A cloud-based analytics dashboard then lets coffee shop owners and managers review the performance results in a variety of graphical displays, allowing full visibility and control of the coffee offering, to ensure every cup served is of utmost consistent quality.

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