Guerilla Coffee – No.1

This espresso blend contains a 100% high-grown arabica coffees carefully blended and roasted to a medium city roast to showcase the full flavour potential in the beans without having the characteristics masked by the roast. The espresso is designed to pair harmoniously with milk to produce strong, complex and flavourful milk-based beverages.

Blend Origins

  • Brazil, Pulped Natural Process
  • Ethiopia Konga, Natural Process
  • Colombia, Natural Process

Taste & Flavour Profile

  • Aroma – Floral
  • Flavour –  Dominant flavour notes of  stone fruit and notes of cocoa-toned.
  • Texture, Mouthfeel and Acidity – Balanced body with a medium mouthfeel, medium acidity and clean finish.

Recommended Brewing – Although this is an espresso blend, we’ve found that in brewed coffee it works very well too!

Recommend Brewing Ratio –  1:2 for milk based, 1:2.5 for black

Also Available on Lazada