Guerilla Coffee – No.2

Guerilla No.2 is our most versatile espresso blend.  We’ve carefully combined three origins (Brazil, Congo and Laos) to allow a full body, chocolate sweetness and low acidity in the final cup taste. This is our most versatile blend. Although this brew is designed for espresso, it’s hard not to get a great cup with other brewing methods..  We’ve tried this blend in, french press, V60, Aeropress and each time we’ve gotten different facets of this coffee but all equally as enjoyable.

Blend Origins
  1. Brazil high-grown arabica coffee processed through the dry-natural method to yield classic nutty notes, enhanced body, chocolate flavours.
  2. Laos arabica for a smooth body, round acidity
  3. Congo arabica adds layers of spices and liveliness to the blend
Taste & Flavour Profile
  • Aroma – Nuts and spices
  • Flavour – Dominant flavour notes of stone fruit, spice and with chocolate undertone.
  • Texture, Mouthfeel and Acidity – Full body with a medium mouthfeel, low acidity and clean finish. 

Recommended Brewing – Espresso on either fully-automatic or semi-automatic coffee machines. Designed to pair harmoniously with milk to produce a strong, complex milk beverage.

Recommend Brewing Ratio – 1:2 for milk based, 1:2.25 for black

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