La Marzocco GB5 S

As the successor to the first generation GB5, the second generation GB5 S bears on the spirit of the GB5 S line: a machine rooted in classical European design that is combined with cutting-edge technology.

GB5 S features a reimagined visual identity that modernizes the machine without sacrificing the look, premium feel, or dynamic appeal. The two red lilies on the side shields are reminiscent of the company’s Florentine heritage, while the front panel has been redesigned to increase group visibility.

Thanks to the use of next-generation proprietary electronics, the barista is able to control boiler temperature, brewing volume, hot water dose, automatic cleaning cycles, as well as many other options.

In its second generation, the GB5 S is the first La Marzocco machine to be equipped with a water sensor that measures the conductivity and hardness of water as it enters the machine. The user is able to monitor water quality and verify filtration performance without the need for additional testing equipment.

  • Dual Boilers – Separate boilers optimize espresso brewing and steam production.
  • Dual PID (coffee and steam) – Allows you to electronically control coffee and steam boiler temperature.
  • Insulated Boilers – Reduce energy consumption while contributing to temperature stability.
  • Piero Group Caps – AV, ABR – Re-engineered internal water path and flow-meter positioning that increase temperature stability.
  • Saturated Groups – Ensure unsurpassed thermal stability, shot after shot.
  • Pro App Compatible – Electronic board that will allow connectivity with the La Marzocco Pro App, available in Mid-2021.
  • Digital Display – Intuitive programming makes it easy to adjust machine parameters.
  • 24V Electronics – New generation of electronics for improved reliability and machine diagnostics.
  • USB – Making it possible to update the firmware.

2 Group

Dimensions (mm) 770L x 640W x 470H
Net Weight (kg) 70
Steam Tank (L)  7
Brew Tank (L)  3,4
Power Available at 200-380V 60Hz 3730-5445

3 Group

Dimensions (mm) 970L x 590W x 533H
Net Weight (kg) 91
Steam Tank (L)  11
Brew Tank (L)  5
Power Available at 200-380V 60Hz 4930-7240

Colour Options: Inquire for customisation

The La Marzocco GB5 S comes with a 12-month warranty and installation, calibration and initial training is complementary


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