UNIC Stella Epic

The Stella Epic is the ideal commercial espresso machine for coffee shops and businesses offering specialty coffee beverages that call for precise adjustments and maximum steam capacity. The Stella Epic 2 groups are recommended for businesses consuming an average of 10-12 Kg of coffee per week.

  • Two group multi-boiler precision espresso maker. This unit is typically operated in mid to high volume cafés.
  • Central control LCD color touch screen (automatic night/day mode, auto-cleaning, drinks counter, USB interface)
  • Capacitive independent touch keypad for each group control boxes with running chronographs
  • Programmable pre-infusion – Time/Pressure – independent per group
  • Programmable pressure curve
  • Large cup warmer
  • 1 programmable adjustable hot water outlet
  • Directly connected to the water drain
  • Adjustable tray for cup clearance

Stella Epic 2
Dimensions (mm) 790L x 680W x 510H
Net Weight (kg) 90
Power Installed at ~ 220-240V

Stella Epic 3
Dimensions (mm) 980L x 680W x 510H
Net Weight (kg) 100
Power Installed at ~ 220-240V

Colour Options: Silver

The Stella Epic comes with a 12-month warranty and installation, calibration and initial training is complementary

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