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    Slayer Steam EP

    Inspired by the ask for a “total value” product line with Slayer’s signature design flair we introduce the new Steam Box Set. A three tier product option package for every cafe type and customer.

    Volumetrics for consistency, classic 9-bar pump extraction, intuitive ergonomics with a massive drain tray stage for smooth-efficient bar flow. Steam’s low profile body opens up the countertop horizon for an engaging guest experience.


    • Volumetric activation, two buttons with four programmable settings
    • Programmable pre-wet 0-4 secs, per setting, four per group
    • Centralized heads-up Barista Dashboard™
    • Intuitive, password  protected menus
    • Soft touch steam actuators and portafilters
    • PID-controlled independent brew tanks
    • Hot water mix valve
      Massive work surface
    • Wing channels keep wires and hoses hidden  
    • Anodized aluminum finish, body color
    • Powder coated matte black wings

    FAEMA E71

    The new FAEMA E71 is a top-of-the-range professional espresso machine. An extraordinary blend of iconic design by Giugiaro Design, cutting-edge technology, and traditional features, it was especially built to provide baristas absolute freedom to express their art. The lever placed above each grouphead gives the barista total control over the brewing process. Alternatively, the barista can choose digital mode by use of the 4.3″ touch screen display. With the “self learning” mode, the barista can set up every display button while managing the coffee delivery cycle with the lever. Cold touch steam wand, the new soft touch open-spout portafilters with a specially developed grip angle. An illuminated work area, a flush system to eliminate coffee residues from the previous delivery and a steam wand purge function.

    Faema E71 has won the Barawards 2016 Innovation of the Year prize in the bar equipment category.

    • Finishing in matt black
    • Single “double shot” filter holder
    • Filter holder with short spout for up to 9 Oz cups
    • IMS baskets with 20 grams capacity

    UNIC Stella Di Caffè

    UNIC Stella Di Caffè

    Stella Di Caffè is an evolved multi-boiler espresso machine that has pioneered systems in intelligent energy distribution with the THERMALINK NETWORK® technology. This results in consistent brewing temperatures through precise PID control.

    • Central control LCD touch screen
    • Independent per group touch control boxes
    • Steam glide lever®
    • Easy-lock portafilter®
    • Dosamat®
    • Energy grip®
    • Steamair

    UNIC Mira

    UNIC Mira

    With a sleek and dynamic profile, as access is given to its full operational potential, such is the challenge met by the Mira as the well-built, robust machine made by UNIC. The combination of stainless steel, Plexiglas and chromed components bespeak its awesome power and ultimately the quality results in the cup for the promise of a long life.

    • Central control LCD touch screen
    We are the authorised distributor of La Cimbali and carry the full range of equipment so please feel free to reach out to us for any models not listed on our site.

    CIMBALI M100i

    Cimbali M100i

    Quality and top performance guaranteed for every type of user. M100i simplifies the manual actions involved in making a coffee or a cappuccino, even for cafeteria staff with little experience.

    Thanks to the new smart functions, the barista’s work has never been so simple. The M100i minimises the risk of mistakes when preparing drinks: thanks to the Barista Drive System the user is guided step by step throughout the preparation of the drink, from the coffee grinding to the dispensing.

    The high technological level of the new M100i ensures first rate performance in the preparation of coffees and drinks using hot or cold milk.

    CASADIO Undici

    Casadio Undici

    SUNDICI is made of steel and aluminium. It has a fixed-nozzle thermosyphon system that’s adaptable and high-performing, guaranteeing excellent results in the cup. The new, mechanical button pad is in metal and lies flush with the machine. It’s user-friendly and precise, thanks to the LED lights.

    • Fixed-nozzle thermosyphon system that’s adaptable and high-performing, guaranteeing excellent results in the cup.
    • Made of steel and aluminium to guarantee the best in robustness and reliability.
    • Compact, elegant, versatile machine that’s easy to use, adjust and maintain.
    • UNDICI can be personalised thanks to the new, mechanical button pad with LEDs that make it user-friendly and precise.