Since our inception, we have always believed in using technology to enhance our productivity. However, as with life, our workload increased too quickly and we’ve never really been able to get ahead of the curve to fully harness the power that technology had to offer.

With the outbreak of COvid-19 and CB measures in place, we were fortunate to have been classified an essential service but as you can imagine with much less work in the pipeline. We took that opportunity to focus our energies to establish SOPs and vastly improve our productivity, quality and consistency. This ensures our app enabled technicians are always on the move and always connected.

We are excited to share with our customers some very important advantages to our fully digital platform dedicated to creating industry leading technical support services.

  1. Cloud-based work order management and history
  2. Improved response time
  3. Reduce unexpected repair costs and expensive machine downtime.
  4. Monthly reports for Customers
  5. Purchase our reconditioned machines with confidence

Cloud-based work order management and history

All  our customers’ work histories are computerised and logged. We have detailed work orders detailing every step of work done to maintain your equipment, regardless of who attends to your call.

Improved response time

By moving away from time consuming paperwork done on-site, our support technicians can now work faster and focus completely on the job at hand. With a mobile app based system, our support technicians can work on the go and reduce journey time between jobs. Maintenance software also provides maintenance technicians with details about the procedures, parts, and tools necessary to perform a job, so they can work without delay or interruption and increase the rate of solving critical issues on the first visit.

Reduce unexpected repair costs and expensive machine downtime.

For our preventive maintenance customers, our system now automates the scheduling of preventive maintenance calls, and ensures our support staff follow a strict checklist to reduce unexpected and costly unscheduled repairs and downtime. This is a key advantage for our existing customers as downtime is costly as when you factor in brand and reputation damage, as well as loss of revenue usually during peak operational hours.

Monthly reports for Customers

Monthly reports can now be generated at the touch of a button and our team can work with client’s and develop the best strategy for your coffee solutions with real, timely and actionable data.

Purchase our reconditioned machines with confidence

Our reconditioned machines will come complete with a detailed refurbishment history work history 

Customer satisfaction survey after each servicing

Our support teams are not only focused on fixing machines, they are also focused on building long term relationships with our clients. After every support visit, we will ask for your feedback so that we are constantly striving to improve our services.  Don’t just listen to what we have to say, here is a recent selection from our ongoing feedback survey.

 Contact us now for a free consultation and switching from reactive to proactive maintenance for all your coffee equipment.