What’s wrong with my coffee?

Has your favourite cafe ever served you bad coffee and you never went back?

The sad truth is that many customers never complain and never return. This is one of the most dangerous things your cafe can experience. The loss of a silent, unhappy customer.

AND you will never find out.

The only way to overcome this is to make sure you have a good team and a good plan to make every cup of coffee great.

Given a choice, customers will choose a better-tasting coffee. So if your customers are thinking: ” well at least it’s black”, or “it tastes kinda like coffee”. Then they might never come back when a better option appears around the corner.

Running a cafe is already tough enough. You have to make life easier for yourself by making sure a good quality control process is in place.  

But making amazing coffee doesn’t need to be so hard. You don’t need a master barista behind the machine. Neither can most afford it! With a proper workflow and routine in place, you can make consistently great coffee, one cup at a time.

And keep your customers coming back!

1. QA or not to QA?

What do the best Chefs, Bartenders and Baristas in the world have in common?

They have a recipe for success! 

There are many important parts to creating the right recipe. 

Take DOSE for example. It is so important to have a simple, clear and repeatable process. Small changes in coffee dosage can make big changes to taste.

To find the right dose, our QA team will zoom in on questions like:

  1. Basket Size
  2. Coffee solubility
  3. Style and structure of the target flavours
  4. Whether  your coffee equipment can handle it
  5. Whether your barista can repeat it

The good news is that we are pros at this so let our QA team help.

2. I want my coffee machine to stay healthy and live forever.

Most baristas think that their coffee machine is immortal. Everyday they turn it on, beat the S*!$ out of it, turn off, repeat. Espresso machines never complain- until they do.

The truth is that there is a war happening inside your coffee machine. Hot steam, oily espresso and constant pounding attack every part of the machine. Delicate electronics, valves and sensors do not have a chance. Sooner or later the complaints will come. Rust, scale & worn out parts will start to make your machine stutter and spurt.

We always see coffee machines dying at the busiest times. Nobody needs angry customers while you have no coffee to sell. Service your coffee equipment at least once every 3 months. EVEN if there are no problems. This is the only way your coffee machines can stay healthy and live long (read: Cheaper to maintain!)



What happens during these Preventive Maintenance Compliance (PMC) and Quality Assurance (QA) visits?

Our crack team of skilled technicians team will come and conduct:

  • Initial Inspection
  • General cleaning
  • Initial diagnosis
  • Recommend required parts replacement caused by wear and tear
  • Recommend correct PMC frequency based on your volume and needs
  • Workflow and Calibration Diagnosis
  • Recommend and conduct basic calibration
  • Free calibration and diagnosis report

What’s more, our team will come by monthly to ensure that your coffee tastes best. You can also call us anytime on our hotline to troubleshoot any of your coffee and machine concerns.

What it boils down to (pun intended), is that prevention is better than cure. 

Your customer deserves the same great cup everyday.